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3 Steps to the Perfect Screen Print

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Why You'll Love Screen Printing

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  • Outstanding print quality
  • Durable and wash-resistant
  • Ideal for large orders with many items

Screen printing is a classic and beloved print technique for good reason. The finished product is vibrant and robust, with a high-quality look and feel. Personalised screen printing is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your next project.


For how many people can I order?

Order as many items as you like! The minimum order quantity is 20 items. For orders over 250 pieces, your personal point of contact from our bulk order team will assist you.

Can I use my own design or only Spreadshirt designs?

Both are possible. The only difference is -- if you upload your own designs -- you will not receive a refund of the purchase price for returns. In this case, you’ll be issued a Spreadshirt shopping voucher.

How many products do I need to order to get a volume discount?

Discounts are available from 20 items. The more items you order, the bigger your discount.

Can I redeem a voucher code as well as the volume discount?

You can use a voucher code as well as the volume discount. The price deduction will be applied automatically at checkout when you enter the voucher code. Certain discount promotions may not be eligible.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Spreadshirt accepts credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal payments as well as purchase on account (only in Germany) for orders of €150 or more. Find out here.

Can I return certain items and keep the rest? How does this affect my volume discount?

You can return any number of items. Our system will calculate the refund or voucher amount due, taking the volume discount into account.

Can my order contain more than one type of product (e.g. men's long-sleeved shirt, women's hoodie, etc.)?

20 items of the same product type need to be included in your order to use screen printing. This means you would have to order at least 20 men's hoodies and 20 women’s hoodies, for example, if you wanted them all screen printed.

Screen printing at Spreadshirt

Screen printing for all kinds of clothing

Screen printing is a refined print type and is one of the oldest printing methods still most popular today. To apply this print method, we print the colours onto your piece of clothing in layers, one after the other. This results in particularly vibrant and saturated colours that are extra durable. Spreadshirt makes screen printing on T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies and many other products possible.

Screen printing for large orders & smaller teams

Before a screen print can be made, a stencil is created for each design. This is why this printing technique is particularly suitable for larger orders or repeat orders of the same design. While we can change the colours of your screen-print design quite easily, we need to create a new stencil whenever the size is changed. We do screen printing from as little as 20 items and also accept bulk orders.

Screen-printing hoodies, polos, etc.

Spreadshirt offers a huge selection of screen printing-compatible products, such as screen printing on polo shirts. And you are completely free to choose your own design! Our design team double-checks each design free of charge and gets it ready for printing. To make sure you’ll be completely happy with the result, we’ll send you an email with all the details before printing. Once you confirm it, your order gets printed. You’re sure to love your new, top-quality screen prints for your team or your company.

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